• Cast iron & non-stick pans

    Non-Stick Cookware: Safest Options?

    Non-stick cookware cleans very easily and some health-conscious cooks appreciate that it requires less cooking oil than uncoated varieties. But the convenient cooking surface comes with potential risks when it is used with high heat.

  • overheated car

    How can I get my car ready for summer driving?

    Dear EarthTalk: Summer is near and I am planning a big road trip. Do you have any tips for boosting my car’s fuel efficiency on long, hot drives?   —Esther McCoy, Burlington, VT                         Ah, the summer road trip, that classic American experience. But long drives through […]

  • water

    Beyond Flint: Water Woes Affect 18 Million Americans

    According to a new report from NRDC, 5,300 different water systems across the country either shirked responsibilities to treat their water supplies to reduce lead levels, failed to monitor water supplies for lead, or neglected to report unsafe lead levels to the public or regulators.

  • Organic red peppers

    Endocrine Disruptors: Why So Bad?

    We can reduce the amount of endocrine disruptors we ingest by buying organic produce, avoiding processed foods & drinking filtered water…

  • Boundary Dam

    Could carbon capture & sequestration be the savior of coal and our bridge to the energy future?

    Carbon capture & sequestration (CCS) for coal-fired power plants may be key to a greener energy future, if only we can convince utilities to adopt it…

  • Polar bear

    Are We Past the Point of No Return on Climate Change?

    Dear EarthTalk: What is the best way to measure how close we are to the dreaded “point of no return” with climate change? In other words, when do we think we will have gone too far? — David Johnston, via EarthTalk.org   While we may not yet have reached the “point of no return” — when no […]

  • Soccket kinetic soccer ball

    Can kinetic energy help replace fossil fuels?

    Dear EarthTalk: I recently heard about a cafe in the Netherlands that harvests so-called “kinetic” energy from its revolving door to power its interior lights. Is there potential for kinetic energy to provide significant amounts of electricity to help replace fossil fuels? —Doug Mola, Boise, ID                      […]

  • Are the California redwoods in danger because of the drought?

    Are the California redwoods in danger because of the drought?

    Dear EarthTalk: Are the California redwoods in danger because of the drought? — Jesse Pollman, Seattle, WA                         California is home to two of the three redwood tree species: coast redwoods and giant sequoias. The coast redwood is the Earth’s tallest tree, growing more than 360 […]

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Conscious Consumer

Eating Right

  • Baby Food, Credit: Brian Brodeur, FlickrCCContaminants in Baby Food: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?
    A new analysis by the non-profit Clean Label Project (CLP) finds only 19 percent of different baby food products tested were free of potentially harmful contaminants according to standards established by the group's Medical Advisory Board.

Under Water

  • beach nourishment at Coney Island, NYMessages in the Sand from Hurricane Sandy
    Researchers have found that federally funded beach nourishment projects in New York and New Jersey prior to Hurricane Sandy saved an estimated $1.3 billion in avoided damages. Now the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking these findings to improve future beach nourishment projects...

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