Behind the Greens

  • The People’s Climate March: A Climax and a Beginning
    200,000 activists converged on Washington DC for the People's Climate March, marking a climax and a beginning for the climate
  • A New Science Problem—The Solution Is to March
    March for Science rallies around the world on April 22 drew attention to the importance of scientific research in keeping us on track to save the
  • President Trump?!?!?! Now Environmentalists Are *Really* Worried…
    With Donald Trump winning the White House, environmentalists are worried about the U.S. pulling out of the Paris climate accord and setting back the clock on conservation efforts by
  • Michigan Freshmen Treated to Zero Waste Picnic
    The University of Michigan has invested in ways to educate students about saving water and reducing waste in efforts to become one of the greenest large universities in the
  • Green Jobs
    Do you have what it takes to do something you love for something you love for a living? Here are some recent job listings from a few favorite environmental groups… Center for Biological Diversity Staff Scientist, Climate Law Institute
  • Environmentalists Decry Oregon Wildlife Refuge Takeover
    An armed militia has taken over a federal building in southeastern Oregon as part of a long-running campaign of violence, intimidation and right-wing paranoia that has festered for decades in the West, most recently with the standoff with Cliven
  • Interview: Nalini Nadkarni
    I met Dr. Nalini Nadkarni over five years ago at a church service in Olympia, WA. Nadkarni, a forest ecologist at Evergreen State College, was delivering a sermon on trees – or more precisely, on human connections with trees. She is a scientist,
  • Environmental Youth Summit Focuses on Restoring DC’s Anacostia Watershed
    Flocks of kids converge on swaths of grass and thick tree clusters under a hazy sky. This is Anacostia Park, located on the majestic, if polluted, Anacostia River, a refuge from the cement, traffic, and bustle of Southeast Washington, DC. The