Eating Right

  • 20 Health Benefits of Going Vegan, According to Science (+6 Delicious Vegan Recipes)
    What are the health benefits of going vegan anyway? You'll live longer, enjoy improved physical fitness, protect against osteoporosis, and lose
  • Contaminants in Baby Food: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?
    A new analysis by the non-profit Clean Label Project (CLP) finds only 19 percent of different baby food products tested were free of potentially harmful contaminants according to standards established by the group's Medical Advisory
  • How Cooking Can Help Solve the Water Crisis
    This short video from Epicurious shows how cooks can help solve the water crisis by reducing the amount of water used to cook pasta & other everyday
  • Greener Food: Sustainable Restaurants Pop Up Across North America, Europe
    Sustainable restaurants serving locally sourced, sustainably produced organic fare are popping up everywhere across North America and Europe these
  • International Respect For Chickens Day Celebrates Compassion for Chickens
    Launched by United Poultry Concerns in 2005, International Respect for Chickens Day — May 4 — celebrates chickens throughout the world and protests their suffering and abuse in cockfighting, agribusiness, experimental research, and other
  • Interview: Dan Fenyvesi
    Dan Fenyvesi is a Registered Dietitian and Fulbright Scholar who has spent years living in Latin America including Nicaragua, Mexico, and Peru. His experience subsisting on a traditional “peasant” diet of beans, corn, and vegetables led to
  • Hats Off to Campbell Soup
    Did you know that Campbell Soup Company, an American institution for a century and a half, just became the first major food company to support the mandatory labeling of genetically modified ingredients? Campbell’s also announced its support
  • Ah, the irony: menu options lacking at the UN Climate Change Conference
    Betwa Sharma, a Huffington Post/Times of India journalist attending the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris posted an article about the dismal lack of viable vegetarian options available to attendees and journalists. “Perhaps hunger sharpens
  • Monsanto’s Superweed, the Ancient Superfood
    “The superweeds are coming! The superweeds are coming!” This has been the environmental community’s adamant cry ever since international agribusiness decided to throw our crops into a clingy, interdependent relationship with Roundup. Well, we
  • Public Food Lockers: Making Bulk Shopping Manageable
    Everybody likes a deal. Buying in bulk is very popular and quite a number of big box stores operate on the principle of more is less. A common problem to buying in bulk is where to store the purchase, especially food. We don’t want to run to the
  • Can a Carrot Set Off a Revolution?
    Can a Carrot Set Off a Revolution? Throughout the Omega Center for Sustainable Living conference Seeds of Change: Cultivating the Commons, this quote from the French artist Paul Cézanne was featured prominently on the back wall of Omega’s Main
  • Interview: Hauke Kite-Powell
    EarthTalk’s Lauren Owens interviews Hauke Kite-Powell of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) on how aquaculture is taking on an increasingly important role in feeding humanity in the face of climate change, drought and other
  • Interview: Knutur Rafn Armann
    Knutur Rafn Armann, Managing Director and owner of the Fridheimer Greenhouse, which provides 18 percent of the local tomatoes in Iceland. EarthTalk: Hi, I’ve just been eating your tomato soup, which is the most delicious I’ve ever had, and I
  • Maqui Revolution
    Looking for magic medicines in drugstores? There is always a sustainable option. Check out this ancient superfruit that has been rediscovered worldwide, assuring that nature is an endless pharmacy just for free. Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis) is a