Green Tech

  • 4 Ways Solar Adds Value to Your Home
    Solar adds value: adding photovoltaic panels to your roof makes your home worth more while lowering utility costs & helping battle climate
  • Green Technology Upgrades Around Home Make More Sense Than Ever
    Now is the time to jump on green technology upgrades, given they're mature enough to rely on but still new enough to qualify for "early adopter"
  • Greener Machinery: Saving Money & The Planet Through Rebuilding
    Manufacturers' and repair shops' efforts to rebuild and repurpose older parts is making the world of machinery greener than
  • Cora Ball: Washing Fleece Without Guilt
    The Rozalia Project's Cora Ball works in any washing machine by catching plastic microfibers so they can’t flow out with the drain
  • Businesses Are Buying Used Trucks to Reduce Environmental Impacts
    An emerging business trend is the purchasing of used trucks to reduce environmental impact. Some newer vehicle models emphasize green-friendly performance, but it often makes more sense to keep an older truck maintained and running for as long as
  • Solar and Wind: How Low Can They Go?
    For the second year in a row, wind and solar accounted for roughly two-thirds of new U.S. generating capacity, while natural gas and nuclear made up most of the
  • The Future of Sustainable Energy
    We've got solar, wind and now even wave power dialed in, but what other new techniques and technologies are engineers working on to bring us even greener power in the
  • Cool Effect Launches Beta Platform for Individuals to Take Action on Climate Change
    Through Cool Effect, individuals have the ability to directly fund the world’s best projects that verifiably reduce carbon pollution from the atmosphere as measured in metric tonnes of CO2 emission reductions. The new platform will not only enable
  • NY Middle School Get Serious About Composting
    Hommocks Middle School, supported by the Town of Mamaroneck, is the first public school in New York to launch a Rocket Composter, which will remove food waste from the waste stream and reduce trucking and disposal costs to the Peekskill facility
  • New TV Series Captures Scientific Discovery As It Unfolds
    Jason Bateman and Adrien Brody to narrate new National Geographic Channel series, Breakthrough, focusing on scientific explorers from leading universities and institutions and how their cutting-edge innovations and advancements will change our lives
  • Drones to the Rescue for South African Rhinos
    With one rhino shot every eight hours in South Africa, government officials, private businesses and conservation groups are trying everything in their power to stop poachers in their tracks. Since 95 percent of poaching incidents happen at night,
  • Offshore Wind Stalls on East Coast, But Future Still Promising
    Strong winds up and down the East Coast could power our energy future. Offshore wind is one of the most promising means of supplying clean, steady electricity that doesn’t suffer the intermittency of much renewable energy. On the East Coast,
  • Interview: Audur Bjorg Sigurjonsdottir
    Audur Bjorg Sigurjonsdottir is the Director of Iceland’s Geothermal Energy Exhibition. The interview took place in June 2015 at the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant, the largest in Iceland… EarthTalk: Could you give me a brief
  • The Internet of Vegetables?
    That in the future plants will be able to “talk” to us, broadcasting their water state or signaling s.o.s. in the presence of “unwelcome” parasitic guests is not an extract from a futuristic science fiction novel nor does it border on the
  • Let It Flow
    For the past decade Australian beekeepers Cedar and Stuart Anderson have been working on a way to easily remove honey from bee hives without having to physically open the hives and disturb the bees. After years of research and testing, this father
  • Electric Bikes: Commuting Without Guilt
    Bicycling up a big old hill after a tough day of work can take a lot out of a body. At a time of day when one just wants to have fun, or even collapse, a grueling workout might not be the best prescription. Even those who desire to help the
  • Self-Driving Cars Around the Corner
    Mercedes-Benz showed off its prototype self-driving car at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to rave reviews…especially from environmentalists who like the fact that the “pollution-free” vehicle would be powered by
  • Chevy Unveils New Bolt
    Chevrolet unveiled its new Bolt this week at the Detroit Auto Show, billing the $30,000 car as an EV for everyone that will get some 200 miles per charge. The new car is designed to compete with Tesla’s forthcoming III, which will also sell
  • Solar Roadways: Just a Dream?
    Just a few years ago, many people found the possibility of solar powered roadways absurd. However, several scientists now believe the idea has real potential. Scott and Julie Brusaw came up with the idea eight years ago as a way to reduce greenhouse
  • New Tesla Roadster Boasts 400 Mile Range
    American electric car maker Tesla unveiled its new Roadster 3.0 recently, and the new sports car can make it 400 miles on a single charge — meaning drivers can make it from San Francisco to Los Angeles without visiting a charging station. This