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  • How Precast Concrete Is “Greening” The Building Industry
    Concrete is one of the most versatile and strongest materials for construction. But have you ever considered that it’s also an eco-friendly “green” material? Precast concrete, in particular, is environmentally friendly in a variety of
  • Green Home Remodeling Projects With Major Aesthetic Appeal
    Green home remodeling is about preserving resources and protecting the environment. But practicality doesn’t have to take precedence over beauty.
  • 6 Materials to Avoid in an Eco-Friendly Home
    When you begin building or remodeling a home, you can choose materials that won’t create lasting harm to ecosystems or your family’s
  • Eco-Conscious Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter
    Now is the perfect time to consider eco-friendly alternative methods for home heating that will keep you cozy while reducing your carbon
  • Demand Sustainably Produced Cut Flowers
    Flowers add color and gaiety to any special occasion and are a time-honored way to say thank you or beautify living spaces. However, cut flowers have become a multi-billion dollar global trade industry with a not so pretty underbelly rooted in where
  • The Tiny House: A Concept Whose Time Has Come
    The tiny house isn't just a concept anymore, as Americans are embracing the concept as a way to lessen their impact and make the most out of limited real
  • Countertops & Flooring Go Eco-Friendly
    Paperstone, bamboo, recycled glass, cork and linoleum are among the many eco-friendly materials that are becoming more commonplace in today's kitchen
  • Top Reasons For A Green Remodel In 2016
    When it comes time to remodel your home, why not go green these days. Making repairs, investing to sell, and investing to save all the rage this
  • Run-Off Redux: Reusing Rainwater in the Garden
    Build a rain garden, grade your yard, collect rainwater, replace impermeable surfaces: these are just a few ways to cut down on run-off from your
  • Repurposing Tin Cans
    If you’re like me, you probably take a large number of tin cans to the recycling bin. Kudos to you who recycle these cans. Visualize for a moment a large grocery store. Let your eyes wander up and down the aisles. How many tin cans are there?
  • How to Use Your Old Tires
    America is overrun with tires. They are one of our biggest disposal headaches. Approximately 1 billion tires are manufactured yearly, while far fewer ever get recycled. They present problems due to their size, weight, and materials. Many end up in a
  • Recycling Pianos
    If nobody is playing that old piano you have in the house, it is probably just taking up room and collecting dust. Maybe you bought the piano for the kids when they were growing up, but before long they found out it was work to learn how to play it
  • Domino Energy Concierge Helps Consumers Choose Best Alternatives
    Most of us would like to help save the world by taking green actions, but often it’s just too much trouble. We are busy and distracted and, beyond recycling and buying a fuel-efficient car, aren’t sure what to do next. And those who take the
  • Cohousing: An Idea Whose Time Should Have Come
    The contemporary American suburban community is wasteful, with cars for every individual and guest rooms, exercise rooms, weed eaters, snow-blowers and other equipment severely underused. With the planet under severe environmental stress and the
  • DIY All-Natural Toothpaste
    People have been cleaning their teeth for thousands of years with natural ingredients such as bone, oyster shell, chalk, brick, salt, charcoal, herbs, spices, oils, and tree twigs. Today there are chemical additives in toothpaste that can be
  • Pests: Can’t We Just Kill Them All?
    I escort spiders out of my house, use humane traps to relocate attic rats, and save honey bees from drowning in pools. Yet I’ve been known to hunt with a vengeance a mosquito that’s ruining my sleep, repeatedly buzzing in earshot in search of
  • Green Home Picks
    Cleaner Cooking Pot and pan purveyor WearEver has a new line of eco-friendly cookware called Pure Living (10 Piece Set, $79.99). Instead of toxic Teflon-coated pans which contain perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA, a “likely human carcinogen,”
  • Five Reasons to Pee in Your Garden
    I confess, my husband and I both pee in our backyard garden, waiting until nightfall so as not to surprise neighbors. We’ve always been comfortable relieving ourselves alongside lonely highways, even in daylight when waiting for the next