Reading List

  • Sustainability Made Simple
    The new book Sustainability Made Simple explores the relationship between everyday life and the intricate global environmental issues of today, including air and water pollution, deforestation, and climate
  • What’s Really Happening to Our Planet?
    What's Really Happening to Our Planet? from campaigner, writer, sustainability advisor and leading British environmentalist Tony Juniper uses a graphic approach to chart the dramatic explosion of the human population and consumption and its impact
  • Ralph Nader’s Animal Envy Sheds New Light on the Intelligence of the Wild
    What would animals tell us—about themselves, about us—if there were a common language among all animal species? Ralph Nader's Animal Envy Tries to
  • Patagonia Business Library Lights the Way for Sustainable Businesses of the Future
    The three best-selling books that comprise the The Patagonia Business Library together provide a primer for the future of sustainable
  • Drones for Conservation Field Guide Out in Paperback
    The new field guide from Kiko Calvo shows just how conservationists, archaeologists and others are using drones to help achieve their
  • Five (or more) Things to Know about Bees and Beekeeping
    Bees on the Roof author Robbie Shell talks bees, beekeeping, honey and why we need to save the world's
  • The Last Savanna: A Writer’s Memory
    Mike Bond wrote THE LAST SAVANNA because the loss of Africa, the loss of the magic savanna, was driving him crazy. It still
  • E.O. Wilson: Set Aside Half the Earth to Save It
    Biologist E.O. Wilson says we need to save half the planet in order to avert the ecological catastrophe heading our way.
  • How to Permaculture Your Life
    In How to Permaculture Your Life, Ross Mars gives advice on: growing nutritious food and fodder plants; building gardens and creating living, fertile soils; making simple foods and fermented products; eco design strategies for properties; how to
  • New Kids Books Teach Young Readers Respect for Nature
    Dawn Publications' new spring titles give parents and kids a lot to love when it comes to learning about nature and the wildlife that helps make the human experience so
  • Celebrating the Trees & Landscapes of Central Park
    Central Park: Trees & Landscapes is the ultimate field guide to the trees and landscapes of America’s most famous park, and features a lively, authoritative text and over 900 color photographs, botanical plates, and extraordinarily detailed
  • Off Grid and Free
    Ron Melchiore’s exciting new memoir Off Grid and Free: My Path to the Wilderness traces the author’s path to the wilderness which led him to building an off-grid, sustainable homestead with his wife Johanna. Here you will find true
  • Environmental Activism, the Patagonia Way
    Ever wonder how the outdoor clothing company Patagonia become synonymous with environmental activism? The company’s original employees were a ragtag group of surfers and climbers. Founder Yvon Chouinard learned the power of activism in the early
  • If You Love Honey…
    Two new titles from green publisher Dawn Publications encourage kids to explore and connect with nature. They make for great entertaining and educational gifts at birthday parties or under the tree… If You Love Honey ($8.95 paperback; $16.95
  • The Surprising History & Science of Plant Intelligence
    Are plants intelligent? Can they solve problems, communicate, and navigate their surroundings? Or are they passive, incapable of independent action or social behavior? Philosophers and scientists have pondered these questions since ancient Greece,
  • Parking Management for Smart Growth
    In Parking Management for Smart Growth, planning professor and parking expert Richard W. Wilson provides a path forward for strategic parking management in a new era of tighter parking supplies. He asserts that without parking management, parking
  • Unnatural Selection
    Gonorrhea. Bed bugs. Weeds. Salamanders. People. All are evolving, some surprisingly rapidly, in response to our chemical age. In Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men, Emily Monosson shows how
  • Blood of the Tiger
    Blood of the Tiger: A Story of Conspiracy, Greed, and the Battle to Save a Magnificent Species takes readers on a wild ride to save one of the world’s rarest animals from a band of Chinese billionaires. Many people think wild tigers are on the
  • The Real Cost of Fracking
    The Real Cost of Fracking: How America’s Shale Gas Boom Is Threatening Our Families, Pets, and Food pulls back the curtain on how this toxic process endangers the environment and harms people, pets, and livestock. Michelle Bamberger, a
  • Finding Abbey
    When the great environmental writer Edward Abbey died in 1989, four of his friends buried him secretly in a hidden desert spot that no one would ever find. The final resting place of the Thoreau of the American West remains unknown and has become
  • Loving The Land
    Just as there is love at first sight between people, Václav Cílek writes, there can be love at first sight between a person and a place. A landscape is more than a location, it is one party in a relationship—even when the spirit of a certain
  • Could invasive species actually be good for the environment?
    In The New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will Be Nature's Salvation, Pearce goes on a journey across six continents to rediscover what conservation in the twenty-first century should be about.
  • New & Noteworthy Green Books
    With spring here and Earth Day fast approaching, there are lots of new books coming out on environmental topics for the readers concerned about green living and sustainability. Here is a sampling… Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld,
  • Curious Critters: Marine
    Curious Critters: Marine is the latest release showcasing the award-winning photography and writing of Ohio-based David FitzSimmons. The book features FitzSimmons’ stunning portraits of 20 of North America’s most incredible marine animals,
  • Globalization: The Crucial Phase
    Globalization: The Crucial Phase (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, $62.01), a new collection of essays edited by University of Pennsylvania anthropologist Brian Spooner, explores the anthropological roots of
  • Where the River Burned
    In Where the River Burned: Carl Stokes and the Struggle to Save Cleveland  (Cornell University Press, $28.45), University of Cincinnati historian David Stradling and Raleigh News & Observer editor Richard Stradling recount how Carl Stokes,
  • Singing Along with Noisy Bird
    New from Dawn Publications this spring are three fun and informative illustrated books designed to connect kids and nature… In Martha Sullivan’s Pitter and Patter (with illustrations by Cathy Morrison), young readers or listeners can
  • How to End World Hunger
    Harvard development studies professor Peter Timmer’s new book, Food Security and Scarcity: Why Ending Hunger Is So Hard (University of Pennsylvania Press, $51.80), shows how so many countries are mismanaging their food and agriculture
  • Orchids of Tropical America
    Whether you journey abroad to find orchids in the wild, raise them in your home, or admire them from afar, this new book from Joe Meisel offers fascinating insights into the diversity and natural history of one of Earth’s most enchanting
  • Jules Pretty Looks Over the Edge
    In his new book The Edge of Extinction: Travels with Enduring People in Vanishing Lands, University Essex Environment and Society professor Jules Pretty documents his visits to 12 different environments around the world where traditional human