Soap Box

  • Kiribati Blues: Picking up the Slack from Skunking the Paris Agreement
    The very survival of Kiribati and dozens of other coastal nations around the world are intrinsically tied to our own survival.
  • Senators Call Out Army Corps on DAPL
    The Standing Rock Sioux's Chase Iron Eyes is glad the Senate is finally looking into Army Corps of Engineers' misconduct on
  • Oil Junkies of the 21st Century: It’s Time to Wean Off Fossil Fuels
    Author C.J. Quinn takes to the Soap Box and wonders why we must continue to create environmental catastrophes in order to provide energy for our
  • Ethical Trade, Not Protectionism, Is the Answer to Trade Agreement Concerns
    In contrast with today’s win-lose or even lose-lose "free trade" system, ethical trade can be a win-win approach – if we could only see it to
  • Poultry or beef: Which is worse?
    According to Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns, chicken is by far the worse choice versus beef when it comes to environmental
  • Recycling Programs: Really Worthwhile?
    If you take into account all throwaway containers used in the United States on a daily basis, there are one billion containers that flow through the supply chain — and perhaps only 400-500 million or so of these materials are collected for
  • Evolution by You
    Here’s a bold statement for you. We are now in charge of evolution on this planet. Eons of natural selection and chance mutation have surrendered control to the human race, and what we do with it is going to say a lot about who we really are.
  • Destructive Logging “Rider” Looms in Congress
    It is a cynical rule of politics that, if you get people sufficiently scared and confused, many can be persuaded to agree to some of the worst and most irresponsible ideas. Case in point, the threat that has emerged this week from Senate
  • Stop Hydraulic Fracturing Now
    Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” is the practice of drilling into the Earth’s surface and fracturing the rock beneath it by injecting fluid into the cracks of the rocks. Large fissures allow oil and gas to flow out and into wells where
  • How Wild are We?
    The story of Chris McCandless, a 24 year old American who traded in his materialistically comfortable life for one in the wild and who in 1992 two years into his voyage died in the Alaskan outback, has resurfaced recently due to the book ‘The Wild
  • Imagine Fewer Autos (It’s Easy if You Try)
    In May, many of us will celebrate Bike to Work Month by leaving the car at home and cycling to work. It’s often the fastest way across town, and it’s a great way to get some exercise, reduce our carbon footprint and—importantly— remember
  • City Green / Country Green
    The virtues of living in a city are practically endless. Culture, businesses, food, the mix of so many people with different stories and views, I could go on forever! In a way, city-living represents the pinnacle of human civilization, a hive of
  • Green Schools
    America’s public school buildings need an extreme makeover. Just as today’s education must to be aligned with what students need to succeed in the 21st-century global economy, mid-20th-century school facilities that are falling apart, filled