Sustainable Cities

  • Maybe Greener To Maintain Existing Infrastructure Than Build Anew?
    Experts think it's cheaper & greener to maintain existing infrastructure than to build it new from scratch given the resource demands of new
  • Washington DC Clean Energy Plan Leads the Way
    The Clean Energy DC plan aims to reduce energy use 50% by 2032 while increasing renewables to supply 50% of Washington, DC’s needs in that same
  • Affordable Solar: Sunshine to the People in DC
    Washington DC's new Community Renewables Energy Act ensures that low-income households will have access to solar power, and the city government is now working through
  • Interview: Transportation Visionary Gabe Klein
    EarthTalk's Ethan Goffman interviews transportation visionary Gabe Klein on the importance of carsharing, bikesharing and technological efficiency in bringing our commutes into the 21st
  • Interview: Stewart Schwartz
    In 1997, Stewart Schwartz founded the Coalition for Smarter Growth to fight sprawl and support public transit and walkable communities in the Washington, DC region. Schwartz is also an attorney and a
  • Choosing Hope in New Orleans
    In 2006, six months after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I toured the city’s decaying wreckage with a delegation of national environmental leaders. Gruesome reminders were everywhere in
  • Why Suburbanites Contribute More to Climate Change
    More and more Americans are taking responsibility for their personal contribution to global climate change by driving fuel efficient cars, insulating their homes and switching to energy efficient
  • Bounce Forward
    In an era rocked by severe weather events and other disruptions, our cities must be resilient to survive and thrive.  But what does that mean, exactly? A new report, Bounce Forward: Urban Resilience
  • On the Nature of Cities—and the Future of Conservation
    More than 25 years ago, author and activist Bill McKibben famously declared the end of nature. Defining “nature” as wild places essentially untouched by people, McKibben argued that our
  • Interview: DC Department of Environment’s Tommy Wells
    In January of this year DC’s new mayor, Muriel Bowser, appointed Tommy Wells as District Director of the Environment, where he works to protect the environment for our nation’s capital. From 2006