Under Water

  • How Low-Lying Areas Are Preparing Storm Drains for Summer Rain
    With the amount of rain falling during the heaviest storms increasing by 20 percent over the last century, cities have good reason to be preparing for lots of rain this
  • Interview: Jonathan White Explores The Science & Spirit of Ocean Tides
    In his new book Tides, author & conservationist Jonathan White takes readers across the globe to discover the science and spirit of ocean
  • Messages in the Sand from Hurricane Sandy
    Researchers have found that federally funded beach nourishment projects in New York and New Jersey prior to Hurricane Sandy saved an estimated $1.3 billion in avoided damages. Now the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking these findings to improve
  • How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans
    This new infographic from Dive.in shows how pollution and other environmental ills are making the ocean a dirty and dangerous place for humans to recreate in and eat
  • Interview: Tanna Frederick
    While Tanna Frederick may be well known as a mainstay of the Los Angeles theater community and founder of the Iowa Film Festival, she is also a passionate surfer and committed conservationist. In 2008 she launched the non-profit Project Save Our
  • Tide Turning Against Plastic Microbeads in Toiletries
    There are signs that the era where plastic microbeads from personal care products pollute bodies of water worldwide and aquatic food chains might be drawing to a close. Microbeads are miniscule spheres of plastic commonly added as abrasives to
  • Sea Shepherd Launches Sea Turtle Defense Campaign
    Group calls for volunteers to join the campaign to help patrol beaches in order to protect nesting turtles, their eggs & hatchlings… Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Sea Shepherd) announces sea turtle defense campaign Operation Jairo,
  • Imagining a World Without Fish
    If you’re curious about how all the carbon pollution we are spewing into the atmosphere is affecting the world’s oceans, check out A Sea Change, a documentary film by Barbara Ettinger. The film follows Sven Huseby, a retired high school
  • Interview: Oceana’s Jackie Savitz
    EarthTalk’s Ethan Goffman interviews Jackie Savitz, Oceana’s Vice President for U.S. Oceans, on the dangers of drilling for oil off the Atlantic coast and in the Arctic . . . If you’d rather read it than watch it, the full transcript of
  • Ocean Lovers Unite Around NT3 Pledge
    Sailors for the Sea—a forward-thinking non-profit conservation organization for sailors and boaters founded by David Rockefeller, Jr.— is asking millions of U.S. boaters and others to show the ocean some love to help heal its rapidly
  • Bonaire: Adieu Diesel, Hello Renewables
    Two cutting edge non-profits, Amory Lovins’ Rocky Mountain Institute and Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, have teamed up on a project called Creating Climate Wealth—The Ten Island Renewable Challenge. The goal is to show the world
  • Billions Leaked Daily
    Billions of gallons of water are lost every day across the United States due to aging infrastructure, poor maintenance regimens, lack of oversight and restrictive policy directives. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a leading
  • Citizen Science & Saving Sea Turtles
    Ever wondered why we like being on (and in) the water so much, and why we care about ocean conservation? Biologist Wallace J. Nichols, author of 2014’s Blue Mind (Little, Brown; $19.38), helps explains why in this powerful talk he recently
  • Disappearing Ocean Plastics
    You’d think that finding far less plastic pollution on the ocean’s surface than scientists expected would be something to cheer about. The reality, however, is that this is likely bad news, for both the ocean food web and humans eating