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  • Only Collective Action Will Solve Climate Crisis
    Due to the urgency of the climate crisis, “walking the talk” as an environmentalist means going beyond personal behaviors to promoting collective
  • Alexa Kleysteuber Talks California’s Global Leadership Role on Climate
    Alexa Kleysteuber of the California Environmental Protection Agency discusses how and why her state is taking a global leadership role on the climate
  • Post-Paris Climate Accord:  What’s Next?
    Though President Trump has withdrawn the U.S. from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, this is no time for the 70 percent of Americans who believe climate change is happening to recoil in defeat.
  • Developing Greener Infrastructure: How the U.S. Can Lead the Charge to Reduce Emissions
    Just because Trump pulled us out of the Paris climate accord doesn't mean Americans will stop trying to reduce its greenhouse gas
  • Climate Change: Does Your Congressperson Represent Your Views?
    The vast majority of Americans believe climate change is a clear and present danger — so why aren't our Congresspersons doing anything to address
  • Benjamin Schreiber of Friends of the Earth Talks Strategy Against Trump
    What worries Ben Schreiber of Friends of the Earth most right now is Trump's roll-back of the environmental protections set in motion by Barack
  • Climate Change: No One is Exempt
    Just as money is no guarantee of happiness, neither is it assurance of protection against all of the frightening impacts of unchecked global
  • Anne Kelly Wonders If We Can Meet Our Paris Commitments Sans Trump?
    Ceres' Anne Kelly discusses prospects for businesses & states trying to meet our Paris climate agreement commitments even without Trump the
  • Spy Satellites Show the Himalayas’ Shrinking Glaciers
    Researchers used spy satellite data to create 3D interactive images of Himalayan glaciers, as they existed in 1975 compared with how they looked in
  • Interview: Howard Fox of Earthjustice on the Clean Power Plan
    Earthjustice attorney Howard Fox discusses threats to President Obama's Clean Power Plan which forces coal-fired power plants to clean up their
  • Virginians Join Sierra Club’s “Ready for 100” Campaign
    Arlington County and Alexandria, Virginia recently joined 16 other U.S. cities in the Sierra Club's "Ready for 100 Campaign" whereby cities commit to 100% clean, renewable energy within the next two
  • Interview: Clean Vehicles Expert Jeremy Martin
    Jeremy Martin is a Senior Scientist for the Union of Concerned Scientists' Clean Vehicles Program, in charge of evaluating biofuels and policy. EarthTalk's Ethan Goffman interviewed him in Rockville, Maryland, where their discussion ranged from the
  • GLACIER: A Climate Change Ballet Wows ‘Em in DC
    Diana Movius’ acclaimed GLACIER Climate Change Ballet places a dynamic and melting polar environment on stage. Dancers ripple, crack and plunge, embodying the science behind icecap collapse. A custom video projection by documentarian Robin Bell
  • Carbon Tax Reduces Warming, Plastic Pollution
    A carbon tax is a win-win for people and the planet, as it helps reduce both climate change and ocean pollution by aligning polluters' incentives with the environment goals of
  • With TPP, There Goes The Neighborhood
    The Trans Pacific Partnership might be the worst news for the environment since NAFTA, and environmentalists are coming out against
  • Interview: Alexander Ochs
    For the past 15 years, Alexander Ochs has been an important figure in international efforts to fight climate change and develop green energy, working with United Nations and other international agencies. Among many endeavors, he is President of
  • Solar Grows Exponentially, But Is It Right for You?
    Like mushrooms after a spring rain, solar panels are springing up on rooftops across America. Solar capacity has multiplied by some 30 times since 2015, enough to power over 5.5 million homes by the end of this year, according to the Solar Energy
  • Climate Change Fixers’ Bag of Tricks
    Halting global warming is the chief environmental challenge of our time. While heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) is not the only greenhouse gas (GHG), it’s the most abundant and longest-lived in the atmosphere and contributes the most to global
  • Climate Pact, Clean Power Rule, Worst Wildfires Ever
    Obama Pushes for Climate Pact from Melting Alaska President Obama spent three days in Alaska earlier this week and used the occasion to talk up his hopes for accomplishing an international accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the Paris
  • Interview: Craig Benson
    Craig Benson, Chemistry Professor, Montgomery College and co-organizer of the sustainability tour. EarthTalk: Could you say a little about the health of Iceland’s glaciers? Benson: Absolutely. The health of Iceland’s glaciers is pretty poor
  • Interview: Earth Policy Institute’s Lester Brown
    For the last 40 years, Lester Brown has been one of the primary forces in the sustainability movement. Besides publishing some 45 books, he is the founder of the Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute. EarthTalk’s Ethan Goffman
  • Obama: Climate Change Hurts Health
    Former White House correspondent Bob Deans talks about President Obama’s new push to protect people from health threats posed by climate change. The new effort aims to study climate impacts on health issues such as asthma, infectious
  • A Climate Change Fix Both the Left and Right Can Embrace
    Studies abound linking the increase in extreme weather-related catastrophes in recent decades, like droughts, floods, hurricanes and blizzards, to global climate change. Some climate experts stress the urgency of addressing the problem now,
  • MIT Seeks High-Impact Ideas on Climate Mitigation
    The Climate CoLab has announced twenty-two contests that seek high-impact ideas on how to tackle climate change. A project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Collective Intelligence, the Climate CoLab seeks to harness the
  • Cursed Coal
    Cursed by Coal is a new documentary from VICE News investigating how coal mining is devastating the Navajo Nation, the 27,000 square mile reservation straddling parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. In the documentary, VICE News correspondent
  • South Africa’s Fossil Fuel Folly
    South Africa’s slow uptake of sustainable, renewable energy resources, underlined by its dependency on poorly maintained, fossil-fueled power stations and protracted delays in commissioning two new coal-fired stations, has plunged the country in a
  • Geothermal Redux
    EarthTalk’s Ethan Goffman caught up with Karl Gawell, Executive Director of the Geothermal Energy Association, to find out more about the promise of geothermal as a carbon-busting alternative to fossil fuel derived power… Or read the
  • Brazil’s Big Dry Up
    This short video and the article that follows by Swedish filmmaker/writer Geir Hansteen Jorgensen shows how deforestation and global warming have combined to plunge Brazil into a record drought… The Brazil record-drought from 2014 continues
  • Risking Our Very Existence
    In case you missed it, here is a video of a fascinating talk by Martin Rees followed by a panel discussion with other Harvard experts on the environmental downsides of our society’s rapidly advancing technological development. Rees and the
  • Why Governments Can’t Ignore Global Warming
    This past September, a historic number of people gathered across the world to march for climate change. The People’s Climate March took place in Manhattan, London, Berlin, and several other places, gathering hundreds of thousands of people. In