EarthTalk is a Washington-based 501(c)3 non-profit media network. We produce and distribute content on green living, sustainability and climate change — and distributes it wide and far through syndication, social media and other channels.

Our mission is to improve environmental literacy throughout American society by “preaching beyond the choir” and spurring action on behalf of protecting the planet and its inhabitants.

Our current line-up of projects include…

  • EarthTalk Q&A
    Weekly environmental Q&A column syndicated in 600+ media outlets across North America. focused on helping everyday people understand complex environmental issues and take action accordingly.
  • EarthTalk This Week
    Weekly e-newsletter from the editors of E-The Environmental Magazine featuring green living tips and environmental news & views.
    The online home of E-The Environmental Magazine, with new original reporting every week on a wide range of environmental topics and the full digital archive from every edition of the magazine’s run in print (1990-2013).
  • EarthTalk In The Classroom
    Curriculum aides utilizing our EarthTalk Q&A format for use in middle- and high-school classrooms to teach students how to research and write answers to environmental questions that can be published to our syndication network.
  • Poetry & Planet
    Bi-monthly podcast featuring the best contemporary poetry about the planet and the environmental threats it faces.
    A public relations oriented campaign to keep wireless signals out of wilderness areas so people can have somewhere to truly get away from it all. Related website is a database of lodges, outfitters and guides that specialize in “no service” vacations