EarthTalk is a Washington-based 501(c)3 non-profit network of environmental media properties and projects. Our current line-up includes:

EarthTalk Q&A
A weekly syndicated environmental Q&A column distributed to 600+ media outlets

EarthTalk in the Classroom
Curriculum aides for teachers looking for content to help teach social studies, environmental studies, earth sciences or even journalism using our unique Q&A answer approach. Kids’ work can be published in our actual syndicated EarthTalk Q&A column.

The online home of E-The Environmental Magazine, the leading independent environmental magazine in print from 1990-2013 and now online with new content featuring original reporting every week.

A public relations oriented campaign to keep wireless signals out of our wilderness areas.

We operate on a shoestring and greatly appreciate the advertisers, donors, and grantmakers — you know who you are — that allow us to do the work we love and share it as widely as possible. Help us keep spreading the word on behalf of sustainability with a tax-deductible donation today…