Cursed Coal

navajo 400x267 Cursed Coal
Navajo Generating Station. Credit: Nathan Rupert

Cursed by Coal is a new documentary from VICE News investigating how coal mining is devastating the Navajo Nation, the 27,000 square mile reservation straddling parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. In the documentary, VICE News correspondent Neha Shastry travels to the Navajo Nation and meets with residents affected by the abundance of coal on the land. “It’s killing Navajos, it’s horrendous,” a former coal miner dying of black lung tells VICE News.   

Watch Cursed by Coal on VICE News here:

VICE News correspondent Neha Shastry has previously covered the issue of coal mining in the U.S. Watch her last VICE News documentary, Toxic: Coal Ash, here: and follow her on Twitter @NehaShastry.