EarthTalk In The Classroom

classroom 1 400x267 EarthTalk In The ClassroomOur EarthTalk In The Classroom project takes what we have learned creating and producing our weekly environmental Q&A column and applies it to Learning Modules that middle-school and high-school teachers can use to teach students about environmental science, social studies, journalism and working together in small or large teams. Using our Modules, teachers can direct their students to come up with their own environmental question(s) based on exploring their own neighborhoods, and then research, outline and finally write-up their 500-word answers based on the format of our column.

While the students’ resulting work is an end in and of itself, some examples can appear in their own school newspapers, and in some cases may be picked up for use in our actual syndicated column, with full attribution to the classrooms and/or students behind it. 

EarthTalk In The Classroom is 100% free for teachers and schools to use. Please share this URL and the EarthTalk In The Classroom concept far and wide. The more teachers we get using it, the better prepared our youth will be when they take the reins of leadership in our society in the coming decades.