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Newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs: run our EarthTalk environmental Q&A column for free in your publication!

EarthTalk answers questions on a wide range of environmental topics—from rainforests to recycling and from the global village to our own backyards:

“Is genetically modified food safe for human consumption?”

“Are the rumors true that refilling and reusing some types of plastic bottles can cause health problems?”

“How do hybrid cars economize on fuel and pollute less?”

“Are my kids breathing in toxic fumes by taking the school bus?”

“What are the ramifications for shorelines around the world if predictions about rising sea levels due to global warming actually come true?”

EarthTalk tackles questions like these with thoughtful, concise answers that give readers solid and balanced environmental information. In addition, each answer provides contact information (or links) to relevant environmental organizations, companies, websites and government agencies to enable readers to research topics further.

We also provide FREE photos (use optional) with each weekly installment of the column.

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Public demand for environmental information is growing rapidly. According to the latest data from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, the vast majority of Americans believe global warming is a serious problem, and feel threatened, worried and supportive of increased action to limit climate change. But what’s less clear is what to do about it. That’s where EarthTalk comes in.

Readers want facts, insights and ideas that are presented succinctly, in plain language and with clear action items. EarthTalk tackles key issues, provides tips on how one can “green up” his or her own lifestyle and offers insight for people who want the big picture about the global environment.

Your Advertising Connection

EarthTalk will also help you attract a strong group of advertisers, both from your local market and from national buys. The environmental marketplace is one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world.

EarthTalk appeals strongly to the growing number of people interested in natural foods and personal care products, hybrid vehicles, organic gardening, “eco-travel,” energy-efficient appliances, alternative medicine and other environmentally friendly products and services.

Nationally, the number of like-minded advertisers with substantial budgets to penetrate these local markets is growing. Let EarthTalk help create a draw for you for these ready advertisers.