1. Is there any charge for EarthTalk?

No. It is entirely FREE of charge. EarthTalk assumes all costs of editorial and its distribution.

2. Do I need to sign up for a term of service?

No. There are no term commitments. You may use EarthTalk for as long a term as you like. If you decide to stop running the column, we do ask that you let us know so that we cease providing it to you.

3. What changes can I make to the editorial?

You may lay out the content in any appropriate style that fits your needs. We do supply an EarthTalk logo, but use is optional. We ask that, if you edit the content, you do so in such a way that facts or meanings are not altered. We also ask that you not remove the contact information pertinent to the question, as this is an integral part of providing information to the readers. If you apply additional content that is not part of theEarthTalk supplied content, we ask that you identify it as such. Each column run must use the full EarthTalk/E Magazine credit line — including our e-mail and website supplied with the content — in part because it enables readers to submit their own questions to us for reply.

4. If you send out more than one column in a week, do I have to run both/all?

Sometimes we send out more than one column in one week, but you are not obligated to use both/all. You can run just one, or split them up and run one on one day and one on another day, or on any schedule you choose. You don’t have to run any of them if the topics don’t appeal to you (we have an archive you can peruse for picking other topics altogether).

5. Can I use the column(s) on our website?

Yes, each is for use in print as well as online.<

6. Do I have the right to re-sell the articles?

No. The right to publish or distribute the content is granted for one-time use only. EarthTalk must authorize any use of content beyond your own.  “Your own” refers to any and all publications within your organization or chain.

7. Who holds all copyright interest in the articles?

Earth Action Network, the 501(c)3 non-profit publisher of EarthTalk, holds all copyrights and permissions.

8. Do you supply images to run with the column?

Yes, we supply images each week. We also provide suggested captions. The images supplied may only be used to accompany the EarthTalk column and for nothing else. Use is optional.

9. Is the column available in Spanish?

Not at this time. If there is sufficient interest we can resume our translation of the column into Spanish.

10. How do I get started?

Sign-up to receive EarthTalk today and we will add your e-mail address to our syndication list so you will be notified at the end of every week about the next installment of our column for your use.

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