The Future of Sustainable Energy

Just what is the future of sustainable energy?

The first wave-produced electricity in the United States went online in Hawaii just over a week ago. Some estimate the ocean’s endless motion will create enough power to meet a quarter of America’s energy needs. Now that engineers are harnessing the ocean to create power, we wanted to take a look at what else they are working on to help power the future.

Several engineering developments in nanotechnology, biofuel, solar power and wind efficiency show great promise in providing new, affordable and sustainable energy sources. One example of recent these energy developments is that created by researchers from Imperial College in London. They have engineered harmless strains of E. Coli to generate renewable propane. Scientists chose to target propane because it can easily escape the cell as a gas, yet requires little energy to transform from its natural gaseous state into a liquid, making it easy to transport, store and use.

Sustainable energy has been slow to catch on, but in 2016, there are positive signs of progress in public knowledge, new technology, and government recognition. While green fuel is a global issue, it is important to recognize that the US consumes 18% of the world’s energy, making our role in the initiative all the more important. By implementing new technology and encouraging the switch to sustainable fuel, one day our cities can be green!

To learn more about the future of sustainable energy, check out the infographic created by Ohio University’s Master of Engineering Management program, below…

Sustainable Energy R5 The Future of Sustainable Energy

Ohio University Online