Going Green

  • Greenest Hotels Around the World
    When it comes to taking that holiday of a lifetime, we’d all like to splash out for a bit of extra luxury. But more often than not, these small indulgences can build up and have severe effects on the surrounding environment. This is why many
  • Hiking Through Drought and Wildfire
    EarthTalk’s Chelsea Tyler contributes this travelogue about a recent trip backpacking through the wilds of Yosemite National Park… Monday, September 21, 2015 Sea Level, 7:36 a.m. Los Angeles, California I ran until I reached the edge of
  • Tales From The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve In Amazonia
    Located at the foothills of the Andes, ‘La Reserva de Producción Faunista Cuyabeno’ is the second largest reserve of the 45 national parks and protected areas in Ecuador. For two-thirds of the year, the forest is submerged in water. This
  • Skykomish Nature Redux
    This 6-minute short from EarthTalk’s Lauren Owens reveals how clean-up efforts in the town of Skykomish north of Seattle means nature is blooming again in this former logging and rail
  • Nature: Who Cares?
    Rio de Janeiro is a city of dense high rise buildings, of favelas and bustling streets and there is also ‘another’ Rio, the one that sits on its circumference domineeringly peering in on the city dwellers creating awe and amazement from below,
  • Iceland: Wonderscape of Ice and Fire
    Iceland is an island of drop-dead gorgeous snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, and geysers. It’s also the first county in the world to generate all of its electricity from clean, renewable sources. In June, EarthTalk’s Ethan Goffman took part in
  • Interview: Asdis Birgisdottir
    Asdis Birgisdottir is a designer as well as a certified trekking guide. She has traveled Iceland on foot, by horseback and by super-jeep and has worked at the Þingvellir National Park as a supervisor with diving and as a ranger… EarthTalk:
  • Grand Canyon Perimeter Facing Sprawl
    The U.S. Forest Service today began paving the way for a sprawling urban development near the southern edge of the Grand Canyon that would include more than 2,100 housing units and 3 million square feet of retail space along with hotels, a spa and
  • Volunteering: has the once unthinkable become almost normal?
    ‘Volunteering’, I used to think it had just one clear meaning. And originally I’d started this trip with a rule, not to pay for work, my moral compass was set. It seemed fair not to pay, especially when compared with my parent’s generation
  • Telethrion or Bust
    What would motivate crisis-struck Greek urbanites gather in a picturesque Northern-Euboean village of olive trees to join a project commanding radical change in every aspect of their life as they knew it? The answer lies in the name of the mountain
  • Rescue & Refuge in Bolivia
    During an afternoon off from working on a permaculture fruit farm on the mountainside of Samaipata, a tropicalesque town teetering on the Amazon basin, we visited the refuge zoo. The greeting, or bombardment, of intrigue and kindness we received
  • The Super Natural
    Earlier today we walked across the Argentine border into the color-laden streets of Villazón, Bolivia. Moments later we were aboard a twelve seater minivan, all the while the main attraction of the Bolivian children bemused by our collective mix of
  • Destination: Burlington
    EarthTalk’s Lauren Owens visits Burlington, Vermont, the first city in the US to use 100 percent renewable non-fossil-fuel electricity. Highlights of this video include stops at Shelburne Farms, Hotel Vermont, Local Motion and Burlington
  • Saving the Kiwi
    You’d never guess when arriving at New Zealand’s Auckland International Airport that the country is in a state of ecological war. The exhaustive questionnaire you are required to fill in before touchdown, the cute but ironically non-endemic
  • Almost Wild in Argentina
    Wildlife, life that is wild, in Spanish ‘vida silvestre’, is something Argentina has in abundance. Take the ‘perros de la calle’ (dogs of the street), although not quite feral they are far from their domesticated cousins