Green Home Picks

Cleaner Cooking

hp wearever 160x100 Green Home PicksPot and pan purveyor WearEver has a new line of eco-friendly cookware called Pure Living (10 Piece Set, $79.99). Instead of toxic Teflon-coated pans which contain perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA, a “likely human carcinogen,” WearEver uses ceramic as a non-stick coating. Pans are also free of PTFE and cadmium and are scratch- and stain-resistant, dishwasher safe and heat-resistant up to 750° Fahrenheit.

Painting Rainbows

lullaby 217x150 Green Home PicksThere are lots of toxin-free paint options today, but Lullaby Paints has zeroed in on the baby/kid market; wall paint that is “safe enough for kids to paint with.” The paint—which comes in squeezable pouches ($24.95/quart; $68.95/gallon)—doesn’t have any of the chemical additives known to be neurotoxicants, carcinogens and allergens. That means no phthalates, no styrene, no toluene or trichloroethylene. The packaging cuts down on waste and emissions and the colors—from lovely pale greens and greys to vivid oranges and reds—offer plenty of design possibilities.

From Barn to Bed

hp coyuchibed 160x120 Green Home PicksOld Douglas fir barnwood and factory wood from Northern California has received a modern transformation in the Barnwood Bed Frame ($2,939/full-$3,389/king; prices include white glove delivery and old bed removal) from eco-company Coyuchi. Simple but dramatic, the solid, flat headboard and matching frame feature weathering, nail holes and other marks of character, and are protected by a no-VOC oil finish. The handmade bed comes with oak slats for mattress support.