How to Permaculture Your Life

perma 400x267 How to Permaculture Your LifeHow to Permaculture Your Life: Strategies, Skills and Techniques for the Transition to a Greener World is the new definitive guide to permaculture from Ross Mars, whose previous book, Getting Started in Permaculture, has sold more than 5,000 copies worldwide.

In How to Permaculture Your Life, he gives advice on:

  • growing nutritious food and fodder plants;
  • building gardens and creating living, fertile soils;
  • making simple foods and fermented products;
  • eco design strategies for properties;
  • how to harvest, store, conserve and reuse water and energy.

Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement liked it so much he wrote the foreword: “This book offers us a powerful crash course in the thinking we will need if we are to create a future that actually works for everyone.”

To find out more and pre-order your copy today, check out Permanent Publications’ page devoted to the new book