Imagining a World Without Fish

EliasSvenaquarium 400x253 Imagining a World Without Fish
Sven Huseby and his grandson check out marine life in an aquarium in the opening of A Sea Change, an award-winning documentary film about ocean acidification.

If you’re curious about how all the carbon pollution we are spewing into the atmosphere is affecting the world’s oceans, check out A Sea Change, a documentary film by Barbara Ettinger.

The film follows Sven Huseby, a retired high school history teacher and devoted grandfather, on a quest to find out what’s killing terapods and other life at the base of the marine food chain. Along the way, Huseby visits various spots along the U.S. west coast as well as the Arctic and points in between — and drops in on labs where leading researchers discuss how the extra carbon load into the sea is causing widespread ocean acidification.

Interspersed with interviews and footage of Huseby soaking in the wonders of the coast with his 7-year-old grandson, the film walks a fine line between optimism and dread about the future. Huseby fears that we may be heading for a future without fish, and wonders what the implications might be for his grandson and the rest of humanity and the planet’s other lifeforms. For anyone concerned about the toll we are taking on the planet, watching A Sea Change would be an hour and a half well spent.

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