Parking Management for Smart Growth

%name Parking Management for Smart Growth%name Parking Management for Smart GrowthIn Parking Management for Smart Growth%name Parking Management for Smart Growth, planning professor and parking expert Richard W. Wilson provides a path forward for strategic parking management in a new era of tighter parking supplies. He asserts that without parking management, parking has become a free-for-all—a competitive sport—with arbitrary winners and losers. Historically drivers have been the overall winners in having free or low-cost parking, while an oversupply of parking has created a hostile environment for pedestrians.

In the last 50 years, parking management has grown from a minor aspect of local policy and regulation to a central position in the provision of transportation access. The higher densities, tight land supplies, mixed land uses, environmental and social concerns, and alternative transportation modes of smart growth demand a different approach—actively managed parking.

With this new book, Wilson offers a set of tools and a method for strategic parking management so that communities can better use parking resources and avoid overbuilding parking. It explores new opportunities for making the most from every parking space in a sharing economy and taking advantage of new digital parking tools to increase user interaction and satisfaction. Examples are provided of successful approaches for parking management—from Pasadena to London.