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1) Commercial use

Commercial newspapers, magazines and websites that wish to reprint an E article should contact our syndication partner,

To obtain permission, please submit a permission request, indicating the name of the article, the author, and the edition of E in which the article appeared. You can submit your request at; fax it to (212) 989-8445; or call (212) 924-2283.

2) Non-Commercial use

Any reproduction of E’s content (excerpt or full text) by nonprofit organizations or companies wishing to share information with their members or clients requires permission from us, whether for print or online usage. Some reprints may require a fee; others may not.

To obtain permission, please submit a permission request form, or contact:

Doug Moss, Publisher
E/The Environmental Magazine
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Norwalk, CT 06851

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, stories for which reprint permission is granted must be reproduced in their entirety, unedited, and accompanied by the following copyright statement and credit:

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION: E/The Environmental Magazine,

3) Personal non-commercial use:

For photocopy or other reuse requests please click this link:

…or contact:

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.
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Fax: (978) 646-8600
e-mail:  info(at)

4) To purchase customized reprints of E Magazine articles:

Were you featured in E Magazine? Did you like something you read in E? Reprints are effective promotional tools, and add credibility to your marketing, sales, advocacy or fundraising efforts.

Reprints are great for:

  • Handouts at Trade Shows and Conferences
  • Attachments to Press Releases
  • Enclosures in Direct Mail Membership and/or Fundraising mailings
  • Inclusion in Media Kits
  • Handouts for Sales Presentations or Employee Training Seminars
  • Use as a PDF on your Company’s Website

To purchase custom article reprints or inquire about a price, contact:

Jeannie Martin, Manager of Reprint Marketing

Foster Printing Service
4295 Ohio Street
Michigan City, IN 46360
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Fax: (219) 561-2003
E-mail: jeanniem(a)

5) Links:

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