Senators Call Out Army Corps on DAPL

We have always known that Mr. Trump’s rapid approval of the Dakota Access pipeline was illegal. Now, the United States Senate is catching on and speaking up. This week, ranking members of the Senate committees on the Environment & Public Works and Energy & Natural Resources finally initiated congressional oversight of the Army Corps of Engineers and its DAPL misconduct.

Chase Iron Eyes 225x150 Senators Call Out Army Corps on DAPL
Chase Iron Eyes thinks it’s about time we get some Congressional oversight of the Army Corps’ plans for building out the DAPL pipeline project.

An official letter drafted by senators Tom Carper (D., Delaware) and Maria Cantwell (D., Washington) calls into question the lack of transparency by the executive branch in its push to complete the pipeline, and demands full documentation of the process—including any and all communications with the Trump transition team and administration.

The documents requested by the Senators could show that the Trump Administration’s fast-tracking of the pipeline was politically motivated—and thus a clear violation of the Administrative Procedures Act. We absolutely must persist in our resistance! I ask that you join the senators in calling the Army Corps and this administration to task, and back their demand for a top-to-bottom documentation of the approval process. 

My Standing Rock Tribe is still pursuing a federal court case with the potential to cancel the pipeline’s permits. Now, we must persist because our message has, at last, begun to change minds at the highest levels of government.

I thank you for your thoughts, your words, and your generosity of spirit thus far. My heart is buoyed by your consistent outpouring of love and support for my people and the land we share. Now, we must persist.