Singing Along with Noisy Bird

New from Dawn Publications this spring are three fun and informative illustrated books designed to connect kids and nature…%name Singing Along with Noisy Bird

%name Singing Along with Noisy BirdIn Martha Sullivan’s Pitter and Patter (with illustrations by Cathy Morrison), young readers or listeners can hitch a ride through the watershed with two charismatic raindrops, Pitter and Patter, as they tumble from the sky, careen off a leaf, plunge into a stream and make their way to the ocean, encountering lots of different wildlife and landscapes along the way.

Meanwhile, Marianne Berkes’ Over on a Mountain: Somewhere in the World (with illustrations by Jill Dubin) introduces kids to twenty cool animals, ten great mountain ranges and seven continents, teaching them valuable counting, clapping, singing and acting skills along the way.%name Singing Along with Noisy Bird

%name Singing Along with Noisy BirdLast but not least, John Himmelman’s Noisy Bird Sing-Along (Noisy Sing-Along shows kids how every bird has it own kind of sound and how closing your eyes is one of the best way to tell which birds are around.

Each of the three new titles are 32 pages long and cost $8.95 in paperback and $16.95 in hardcover. Dawn Publications also offers up hundreds more titles covering similar topics for kids.